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Giants and Cowboys


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Come on Giants fans...let make this happen!

Madden just nailed it, "Cowboys need to shut up and play!" Ha! I know as a Giants fan we are missing a fool who shot himself and Jacobs....Without that Large Jacobs...who knows what will become, i got beer and pizza...and swiss rolls...lets get it done


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uhmmm root online, join the virtual group? send psychic waves direct from our computers to the Dallas Cowboys? How do you propose we make this happen?

what about the cowboy fans, won't they wage holy war also?


music MUSIC music
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Well all fans are connected, we just yell loud enough and the team hears..duh! Im not a huge Dallas fan (though a strong team) i feel T.O. is a fool, Romo is Romo, but which teams don't have these characters! Giants are in the playoff's no matter what the outcome of tonight is, so im happy!

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