Giant Antispyware - Better than Ad-Aware and Spybot combined ..


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This program is better than Ad-Aware and Spybot combined ...

There’s a GIANT difference between everyday anti-spyware programs and GIANT AntiSpyware. Not only does GIANT AntiSpyware search and destroy all existing spyware on your computer, it’s the only product on the market that instantly alerts you when potential dangers arise, stopping most spyware before it can even install. This prevention is the key to keeping your computer clean and your personal information personal. Arm your computer with our free 15-day trial and re-experience the Internet with a newfound peace of mind.

What most Web surfers don’t realize is that their personal information is ripe for the taking by any number of spyware programs designed to do just that. Once your computer is infected by spyware (and most computers are), legitimate advertisers and scam artists alike can track every stroke of your keyboard to either sell you something, alter your computer or gain access to your financial information. Your computer can’t fight off spyware on its own; it’s up to you to arm it with the right weapons to reject unwanted intruders. We guarantee there’s no better weapon than GIANT AntiSpyware™.

SpyNet™: The Anti-Spyware Community
SpyNet™ is GIANT Company’s revolutionary answer to the endless barrage of new spyware software. SpyNet™ uses a secure and 100% anonymous connection to link thousands of personal computers, like yours, to the world’s first anti-spyware network. As soon as one computer in the network picks up on a new string of spyware, your GIANT AntiSpyware™ will automatically react to protect your system. Together, SpyNet™ subscribers wield the supremacy of a vast anti-spyware community.

Security Agents: Your Computer’s New Bodyguards
Think of GIANT AntiSpyware’s Security Agents as your computer’s personal bodyguards. More than 58 Security Checkpoints analyze all software and system changes to your computer, leaving it safe and defended. They allow only unthreatening changes to be made; they block known spyware threats; and in some cases, prompt you to make the decision. In short, Security Checkpoints intercept potential hazards in real-time and help you decide what has access to your system.

GIANT’s Spyware Library: Reject All Known Spyware
With more than 1 million signatures, GIANT AntiSpyware™ has the world’s largest spyware-related database. With it, your PC will always reject all known spyware programs and allow friendly programs to install as you choose.

AutoUpdater: Keep Your Computer in the Know
Dozens of spyware programs are hatched in a single day. That’s why AutoUpdater adjusts your computer to keep it in the know. Once you set a time and allow it to automatically update every day, you’ll ensure that your computer is always alert and ready to ward off the latest in spyware developments. Don’t waste your time deciding when to update your GIANT AntiSpyware, let AutoUpdater do it for you.

System Innoculation: Vaccinate Your Computer
The System Inoculation Wizard suggests and enforces specific recommended security levels on your computer that protect your machine from hundreds of known spyware threats.

Tracks Eraser: Protect Your Privacy
The Tracks Eraser is a robust privacy tool that erases all Internet history logs and 50 different activity trails from your Web-browsing history, Windows temporary folders and search history. In addition, you can easily erase the tracks that many other popular applications store, such as RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, WinZip, ICQ, MSN Messenger, and more.

System Explorers: Navigate with Ease
System Explorers is the key to customizing your computer experience. With it, you can view and modify settings that are normally hidden and difficult to change. For example, you can view a list of all the Browser Helper Objects that are installed in Internet Explorer, find out what programs are set to automatically startup when Windows launches, see and modify which applications are changing your Internet, and much more.

Secure File Shredder: Shred and Destroy
The Secure File Shredder is a powerful deletion tool that ensures the complete elimination of all files you want removed from your machine. Using the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) recommendations for “secure file destruction,” the Secure File Shredder completely removes all traces of any document, image, music, movie, or application you choose.
What this program does is run a real time protection. When a Spyware warning comes up it gives you the option to chose what you want to do with it. It also has a schedule scan as well as updates. It also monitors any changes that a program tries to make to your pc, there have been a couple of times I went to various sites and this would come up telling me that the security features of my borwser were trying to be changed. So basically it is the Antispyware program with a Antivirus atitude. It is a great program. I like it a lot, when I got it I dumped Ad-Awarea and SPybot on the spot ..

To get more information about it go here:



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I'm a comp technician at Best Buy and we are starting to use that over Spybot, Adware, and Spy Sweeper on all the computers that are brought in for spyware removal.

Works really well IMO.
I have used Spysweeper, Ad_Aware and spybot for a long time. When I saw info on Giant a few weeks back I decided to try it. Giant found stuff the other three had missed, including a keylogger. I don't let it run in realtime mode, cause it can be cpu intensive at times.


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I think it worth the money as I've been using it for a while now. Its a very nice program though I would not dump your others as I've seen all pick up and miss things others find but still worth the money


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Giant is a very nice program.. i am using it right now and i am liking it more and more over both ad-aware and spy-bot :)


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I'm using it as well -

Giant antispyware is destroying the competition

First of 2 part test of anti-spyware apps. results are interesting. Giant anti-spyware app. 100/134 vs Adaware SE 82/134 - Spybot 40/134 - As usual Pest Patrol - known for false positives 86/134 with 10 false positives.

Next phase of test: spybot 51/153 - Giant 97/153 - Adaware 70/153

***edit - opps sorry Johnny - I see you already posted a link to spywarewarrior
As soon as I saw this thread I downloaded it, since I've had recent spyware issues. It's aesthetically pleasingand top-notch quality scanning. It picked up a couple more exe files and registry entries that the other two missed.


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mmmmm...i feel like a lil school girl getting her first dress on a hot summer's day :p. Gonna download it right now


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screw this man, theres somthing fishy behind it, i bet they made half the spyware out there so it can remove it more than the other programs, cuz i have never heard about Giant until like 2 months ago, and no one can beat the ad-aware/spybot combination, and btw its tradition!
yeah giant is pretty awesome, I replaced adaware ans spybot with it myself due to lavasoft recently climibing into bed with some spyware places.

Much better imo and without the politics. So if theres fishy stuff anywhere its on the side of adaware and spybot.


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put the demo to the test today..

full scan with Giant found 101 problems, and fixed them all..

then did a scan using adaware SE 1.05 (didnt live update) and that found a further 319 problems

so neither is better than the other, best is by using them all too make sure;)


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_kC_ said:
full scan with Giant found 101 problems, and fixed them all..

then did a scan using adaware SE 1.05 (didnt live update) and that found a further 319 problems

No offense - please don't take it personal but, if you have that many "problems" then perhaps you have other security issues. I never find more than a couple problems, if any at all. (using any antispyware app)

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I just ran a scan with found one "possible browser threat"...high risk


it just wanted to remove it...I clicked on more info, and all it said was this is a "possible threat" wtihout giving me registry keys, nothing.

I don't like this program


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I tried this program in the past, I didn't like it either...

However I've found webroot's applications to be quite good, they are carried in many retail outlets and compare well against freeware alternatives, if you must pay for something you can get free this would be the one I'd recommend.

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