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Ghosting for a new partition


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Ok, maybe this is a silly question but I need to ask anyway.

Currently running win98se on an 80 gig HD. BUT, I want to set up a dual boot with 2 partitions. So, I have another 80g HD i want to transfer an image of the current win98se to, on one partition (40g) and have the other 40g partition available for a winXP install. Will this work considering the ghost/image i want to make of the original win98se is on an 80g partition? It doesnt actually image all 80g where 87% or so of the drive is blank does it?

Norton Ghost will do it ok (install an image to a different sized partition)... a simpler solution would be getting a copy of Partion Magic and just creating a new partition on your exisiting drive and then installing XP on it. I'd go as far as recommending splitting that 80gig up even more then that... say 20gig for 98... 20gig for xp... 40gig for storage etc.

Definantly ghost the drive before you do anything though and save the image over to the other drive so if somthing goes Kaplooey you have that back-up.

If you're using Drive Image (PowerQuest) it will only restore the image to the same size parition... Norton Ghost is more flexible in that respect.
Oh... your Ghost image won't be 80 gig no... it will only be the amount of actual data you have on the drive... a bit less because of compression.


OSNN One Post Wonder
thank you for the clarification on the ghosting. And yes, I have norton ghost.

regardng partition magic. I have never had any luck using that program. I have screwed partitions up etc using the program. Maybe i just didnt think clearly enough through it before using it. But I am usually pretty good with software..just not that one. ha!

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