Ghost Recon, CS Replacement ?



Getting bored of CS? try Ghost Recon.. If you ask me its a great replacement.. Great GFX not like those ghetto CS GFX.
Here you be the judge of that :
Ghost Recon

And for gameplay.. nice! lot of teamwork involved in this game, which makes it more enjoyable

Here some Sites :
Ghost Recn Operations
Ghost Recon Platoon
Ghost Recon Retreat

And For you people who have ghost recon
Ghost Recon Performance Tutorial

Not convinced yet ? Here some Screen shots I took
Screen Shot 1
Screen Shot 2
Screen Shot 3
Screen Shot 4
Screen Shot 5
Screen Shot 6
Screen Shot 7 - For you snipers

I just realized i didnt take great screen shots that show action.. =D i'll post some more later on today

Still not Convinced?? Screw you! just playin
Grab the demo @ FilePlanet
:confused: I have Ghost recon and its a great game, I loaded the UBIsoft software to play on their servers and it seemed all fine until you try to join a game in one of the lobbies. It goes through the whole starting game sequence and when it minimizes the window to pull the ghost recon exe it just sits at the desktop and never starts the game. anyone having the same problem?
Weird i had a problem like that, but all i gotta do is click the ghost recon tab on the taskbar. and it goes to the game. if you having problems with UBI.. which we all are they are releasing an update this week. or you should give All-Seeing Eye a try. gl on fixing your problem
Playing this Game since last Friday and i very enjoy it.Since Rainbow Six i never had the same feeling by playing a Game like this.Specially the Teamwork is very usefull and very good include into the can mainly beat the first mission by your own but it really makes funny when Team B is giving backup while Team A is working forward while Team C is holding the line by shooting at all what is moving.Right now i am at the 4 mission and starting to love this game :D


My Team are all trained to kill as good as Rambo :D
HAHA.....;) Yes it is a GREAT game. i'm also a oldschool R6 player.. NATO mod was the best thing ever! cant wait till it hits Ghost Recon..

ARRM And Ghost Recon Mod ? --- Check it out
The Half-life engine is old! Based on the Quake II engine which is old! Even the new Condition zero will be based on an engine that is based on an engine that is old.

I await news on Team Fortress 2 / Counter-strike 2 which seems to have dissapeared completely.
I'm with Electronic Punk on this one, even though Team Fortress 2/Counter Strike 2 have like disappeared completely when they come out of the water in the future it will be better than anything out there. Just like Half-Life! :)
by the time TF2 comes out.. who knows whats gonna be out..
hopefully halo =D.. screw TF2!.. but i do look foward to it
Wow, m8, that does look very cool. Realised I haven't played it, but I tried that Black Thorn addon thing, will definatly check it out.
I am not looking foward to TeamFortress2 so much, but the scope for wicked mods liek Counterr-strike2 which will be released with it (I presume) Tried TFC 1.5 and didn't really enjoy it THAT much.
I heard Return to Castle Wolfenstein has crappy AI and you just run around like in Doom. Although from the screenshots I must say it looks damn impressive. Although it lacks something graphics wise, I can't say by the pics I've seen.
Anyone out there play Quake 3 - Urban Terror?
I just regot Urban terror, that is pretty cool too!
Um.. Urban terror is "ok" if you ask me its no CS. or is it because i'm not used to it.. i'll play more and tell ya the outcome
max payne :D

now MAX PAYNE is a DAMN fine game. Freaky...good gameplay...sweet graphics...realistic.

ugh....just a .... wicked game.
True Max Payne is a great game =D.. i "loved" that game untill i beat it.. heheh and personally i dont remember what happened lol
ahh you beat it?

i am stuck on the intro to part II...its a human maze!!! and there's a guy crying! so freaky!
I prefer Online multiplayer games likes Quake 3 with mods, Unreal Tournament, Red Faction, Ghost Recon. I have halflife, dont play it much, I'd like to try CS sometime, if I ever get it.

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