Ghost or Drive Image?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Capricorn, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. Capricorn

    Capricorn OSNN Senior Addict

    Which is best for making backup CDs when using XP, Ghost or Drive Image?
  2. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    it's just a matter of personal choice really, they both do the same thing, I use Drive Image, but Ghost is just as good.

  3. dadx2mj

    dadx2mj Guest

    Never used Drive Image but can recommend Ghost it has saved my bacon many times
  4. allan

    allan Guest

    Both are fine products - the user interface in Drive Image 2002 is friendlier than Ghost's. Keep in mind these two products do not make backups in the traditional sense - they image the drive(s).
  5. PC-Dude

    PC-Dude Guest

    I use Drive Image 6 at home and at work I use Ghost don't ask me why lol. My supplier gave them to me when I purchased 10 computers at one time and I took Drive Image home and left Ghost at work and they both work flawlessly and have saved me many times. Just pick one or the real difference.
  6. RobbieSan

    RobbieSan Guest

    yep, they're both good..
  7. rjack22

    rjack22 Guest

    Norton Ghost

    Norton Ghost has a new version out, Ghost 2003. Two notable new features, a windows interface so you do not necessarily have to use DOS (unless you can't boot into windows), and support for NTFS partitions. There are other things new as well.
  8. NetRyder

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    New York City
    My personal preference is DriveImage 2002, but Norton should be good as well.
  9. Capricorn

    Capricorn OSNN Senior Addict

    Thanks for the info. I have used Ghost successfully, but find the interface confusing. For example, I use the same floppy disc to create the image on CD, and to restore the image, although I think I am supposed to use two different floppies. I also have opted for 'Make the CD bootable' but when I boot up to it, I find that it just doesn't boot. I have the boot to cd option in the bios selected. My slipstream CD of XP, for instance, boots great.

    Also when I try to restore the image, it takes me several attempts, before I manage to select the correct option. It seems I have to select the 'A' drive where the floppy is, rather than the 'D' drive where my CD is. I have read all the instructions and I still seem to get it wrong. However I have to say that when I do get it right the image is restored perfectly. I use Ghost 2002.
  10. eNuffSaid

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    Don't know that many imagers, but I do know Ghost. And I love it. With Norton Ghost you can write images directly to Tape or CD. You can split images while writing them, or you can split them at a later time, with Ghost Explorer. Ghost Explorer even allows you to add or remove files from a .GHO image.

    There's a new version out... Enterprise Edition 7.5. It looks really hot!

    Check out some of its features:

    Home version (Ghost 2003):

    Kind regards,
    Willem Moolenaar

    ps. No, I don''t work for Symantec. ;)