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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dreamliner77, Jul 4, 2002.

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    Should I go with Ghost or Drive Image (5 or 2002) for imaging software? Suggestions please...
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    First, Symantec / Norton has always provided the highest quality System Utilities available - period. True, not everyone is in love with their products and that's fine, but take over a system????

    Second, I use both Ghost and Drive Image and I prefer Drive Image 2002 (newest release). They both do the same thing and do it well, but DI has a much more user-friendly interface than Ghost....truly simple to use and verly reliable.
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    Drive Image

    catch23: I think you and I agree on many things. I use "Drive Image 2002"(also Drive Copy 2 & 3---Drive Image 3-4-5) and I don't trust ANYTHING norton has past "NT Utilities" which I use for defrag in NT. Everytime I've helped a friend with Norton products to remove the program, it also takes files and removes system files like the NTOSKRNL in it's suitcase on the way out! All of their products are like M$, when you want them gone--they leave kitty-litter when they leave. NOBODY makes better software than Adobe, Ontrack, Powerquest in my opinion! I'm not bitter---just pissed!