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Ghost boot disk question


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I have three hardware models, each with their own image version, and corresponding ghost book disks for each. I need three separate disks because the NIC on each model is different.

Symantec has a surplus amount of switches for boot options, but has anyone ever tried slip-streaming a ghost boot CD, to acommodate multiple hardware models?
Use RIS (Remote Installation Services). It works very well with multiple hardware models. It does an automated installation of Windows so it goes through all of the PNP stuff. If you have any questions I would be more than happy to help. RIS requires one of the flavors of 2k server or 2k3 server. It is not really hard to setup, but administering the images may prove to tax your brain. It's easy to update and does not require you to RECREATE an image for a new piece of software.
what id try is telling uninstalling the nic and then make a ghost. then when you install the ghost you let windows do the work to install the nic's. if windows doesn't support the nics, oh well. i tried. tell me if it helps.
and about RIS. why dont you just use automated. it requires no server setup. but ya do need a floppy. lol. you insert the windows install disk. boot. insert the floppy right after the cdrom boots. there ya go. if you wanna do that just search for automated install at microsoft's site.

im preatty sure it only works on windows 2k or above.

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