Ghost 9.0 question

Just got a copy of Norton Ghost 9.0 and have created a backup image of my notebook to my tower. I am upgrading to a 7200 laptop hdd now, so how do I "restore" my laptop image onto the new HDD?

Thanks guys...


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A gost image of your old hard drive is good for a backup or for loading an image to an exact clone of your machine. If you were to put the gost image to a different type of machine windows will not like it to much and probally will not boot.
I mustve not explained properly...i have backed up my old laptop harddrive to my tower and want to now burn the backed up image back onto a new laptop HDD...
im not sure i understand what you want but im gonna explain anyway, you can't clone your notebook's disk to a disk on your tower and use that as the new os it wont boot, but you can back it up as a ghost image and use it to be restored back on the notebook, to do that just go to ghost, and then i think it's do disk, im not sure about which setting to choose
Okay ill try again...I backud up my laptop HDD onto an auxillary drive on my tower...have no intention of usint the info on my tower...just storing the images there temporarily. I'm upgrading the HDD in my laptop, so I need to recover the files that are backup up on my tower onto the new laptop HDD...make sense? Basically, I need a boot disk that will allow me to recover the files over a network...


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Okay, I know what you're saying. You have 2 options. Burn a bootable DVD/CD of the image, or boot from the Ghost 9 cd, select to boot with networking, find the image you created on the network and restore that image to the laptop. Make sure you set it as the primary OS.


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hey dreamliner i remember there was a way to make a generic image of a harddrive, one that would boot of of almost any machine right?


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no i know that but im saying, some pc's if they have a different mobo etc it wont like the image and refuse to boot as stated above. i remember i think it was electronic punk or speedy maybe saying something about how to make it so it doesnt matter what mobo etc hardware is used
AFAIK, XP just doesn't like major chipset changes. I've been able to load images with nforce2 drivers to a different nforce2 board and be able to recover after windows detects new hardware.

It might be possible with a bare XP install with just the generic MS drivers.

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