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Ghost 2003


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Using Ghost 2003 I can made a rescue floppy that boots into the Ghost options in PC Dos. However, I have been trying to copy those boot files to a CD, to allow a CD to boot into the Ghost options in PC Dos. So far I haven't been successful, is it possible to do this? When making a Ghost image of my drive, it gives the option to make the CD bootable, and this works fine, but of course it then goes straight into making the drive image. Sorry if this sounds confusing or pointless.


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Is anyone using Ghost 2003? I though that a Boot CD to get into the program would be better than a floppy. Like I said I have tried everything I can think of, including Copying the Files from the floppy onto the CD using Nero. But they don't boot.
yes booting from the CD would be nicer and quicker. at one point 2002 or 2003 they were supposed make the ghost CD bootable to use it then switch but guess that never happened.
i don't build all computers with a floppy anymore so it really would be handy.

but it can be done, with alot of playing i got one made in cd creator once, but forgot how....:( someday ill try again maybe
why not just make a bootable cd with ezcd creator and place the dos ghost file on the cd along with the .gho file?

I have done this in the past and it works well.


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Hi Gothic, were you using Win XP and PC DOS with Ghost 2003?, I seem to have tried every option with Nero and the Ghost Floppy. I ended up with several coasters, but none of them boot. The CD backup images that I made with Ghost all boot up fine though.
I installed Ghost 2003, then made the ghost recovery floppies, all from XP. Then ran nero, starting a new, bootable CD, pointing the 'Source of boot image data' to the 'Bootable logical drive' (A:\) with the ghost recovery floppy in it.
All went well.


p.s. when you run the Norton Ghost Boot Wizard, you have to select the last option 'CD/DVD startup disk with ghost' because this supplies the generic CD ROM drivers needed for obvious reasons.


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Finally managed it. I just used the ordinary option for the floppy (1 disc) and managed to make it into a boot disc using Nero. Boots really fast. Thanks to all.

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