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Bob S

I like Ghost and have used it for years. The main draw backs were/are dependency on DOS and lack of automation.

Now came Ghost 2003... I bought it because of the ease of USB and SCSI support, plus I thought it would automatically boot into DOS, make a back up and boot back. WRONG!!

I sent numerous emails to Symantec and asking them why my "automatic" images were all corrupt both for XP and Windows 2000. I explained that boot disks still worked fine. They kept sending me questions. I think this was in an effort to make me go away. But, I kept answering the questions. Finally, last night they told me that using the boot disks was an acceptable work around. What garbage!!

The primary reason for this rant is to find out if any has gotten The windows feature of Ghost 2003 to work and if so, how??

Thanks, Bob S.


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I am not to sure that your explanation is enough to really diagnose your problem. More info?

What I mean is, are you trying to create an image and then use that image to ghost other machines. Are you trying to use Multicast? What is it EXACTLY that you are trying to accomplish?

Bob S

I make backup images of all my drives periodically. My question/problem is that I would like to know if anyone has had success with the feature in Ghost 2003 that allows the creation of images without using separate boot disks.

If you are not familar with Ghost 2003 versus previous versions, you cannot know what I am talking about.


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I was not aware that Ghost 2k3 allowed you to create an image of a disk on the same disk that you were ghosting. Guess I can not help here.


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What filesystems is on the primary drive? secondary drive? the drive you are trying to install the image on? sizes of each....

Bob S

Let me try to explain. I can create all the "good" images I want using a Ghost boot disk(s). My question only has to do with whether anyone has been successful with Ghost 2003 using the Windows feature that does not require boot disks and if so, have they have done anything special.

I routinely back up 3 hard drives onto a fourth hard drive. I do not have any problem creating images. My gripe is that Ghost 2003 does not perform, as advertised, in my experience. If someone has been successful with it, without using boot disks, let me know.


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I know what BobS is asking and no I haven't had any luck in getting it to work as well, only tried Ghost 2003 for a couple weeks though, Like Drive Image much better.

I've had it work. Windows XP Pro on NTFS, backing up to a separate FAT32 partition on the same drive using the Virtual Partition for PC Dos. I've used the image to restore and the integrity checks always come out right.

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