I would imagine I'm not the first punter who has got this error when trying to play Half-Life or Counter Strike online.

Host_Init: Couldn't load gfx/palette.Imp

Now I'm assuming this is a video card related problem, but there again...shouldnt assume ANYTHING anymore.

Anyone have any clues??
Would certainly appreciate any help.


Buggah, forgot to add the system specs

AMD 1.2
256 meg ram
VOODOO 3 2000
XP Pro
Its due to a corrupt installation.

Try the following steps:
Uninstall the game
Delete the remaining game folder
Defragment your hard drive
Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and shut down all programs on the list except Explorer and Systray
Install and apply the game update (counterstrike)

What other half life mods have you got installed ?
well, I must admit i didnt think to try that...oddly enough cos I thought it was an XP Pro problem with an incompatability with either my vid card/driver or the game itself as I can play HL single or even on my lan with my lad, but cant seem to get online with HL , CS , or the mod I just D/L Opera (buggah, cos it LÖ¿ÖKS good).
Thanks for the tip:D

BTW....good thing I finished the game...would have been a serious pity to have to uninstall before the end. :rolleyes:

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