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Gforce4 Ti4200 nVidia Card & gameing problems?



Hi Everyone,
I have built a new pc together and New to this card after using plain video cards over the years. I am running Win XP professional on a 1.4 Gig Athalon, 256 DDR RAM, 60 GIG HDD and using the Gforce4 Ti4200 Nvidia Card. the M/B is a ASUS A7A266-E board.
The nVida driver is a

The Problem I am having is when I load a game - say Quake3 Demo, or Max Payne you see the Intro then it would freezes.

Does any one know what can be the problem and what can be the fix for it?

would be grateful for your help.


it could be a heat problem but im not sure... since its a new comp i doubt it would be unless the ppl u got it from were dodgy.
try looking up ur temps
i had issues with those drivers. You may want to try to use either the drivers that came with the card or maybe just an older version of the detonators.

Once i installed the 30.82 drivers on my comp with my g4 ti4200 i saw a significant decrease in performance. My fps in CS went from a constant 85 to an awful jumping between 35 and 85 jumped so much that game was un-playable. So I re-installed the drivers that came with my card witch i think are the 29.something drivers and all is happy again.


What brand of ge4 ti4200 ?
have you tried the video card in a different machine to make sure it is not faulty ?
If it works in other machine, It is possible it may not be compatible with your system.
I have had some generic video cards that have issues playing games in 3d on asus m/boards ( locks up ) but will handle 2d applications ok
u said it's newly built, check your RAM, it could be a back stick... also when the machine crashes, check your CPU temps, it could be getting too hot.


have a look in your events viewer (in administrative tools) to see what problem is reported.. I had a similar problem and found my BIOS was causing ACPI conflicts with XP.. a revised BIOS fixed it for me.. that may not be the cause but it's worth a look..


Hi Guys,
Thanks for you input and help. I formatted and installed the drivers for the pc - aparently i put in the wrong ones I think, so I put in the basic stuff in first.
The driver I put in is Omega kx 1.1.82 ( htp://www.omegacorner.com) and that seems to get it running fine.
So far!
Just like to thank you guys for your help and hope I can make use of this card :)
Thanks again Kr0m for your help too!

Niche :)


Say you load a game, and either goes to a start menu and go into the game it would stop or lock up sometimes see screen tear before hand (I think that would be the term) and then you would have to reboot - pressing the reset button.


well well... it's been some time since i post some messages in this forum.. anyway back to the topic..for wat i experience before, try reinstalling the driver with other version or try the leaked version.. i think that should be able to solve the problem..

My spec

Intel PIV 1.5
256 RDRAM (PC 800)
40GB Maxtor 7200 rpm
20GB maxtor 5400 rpm
sb live 5.1
an ageing 64MB GF2MX400
blah blah blah..


I have a Geforce Ti4200 128mb card and it works great. I do get freeze ups in Neverwinter Nights in the heat of battle, but I still believe there is a bug in the software or the multiplayer/online servers. Don't know? But they work fine in all the other games.

You may try the new Detonator 40.41 drivers, some have reported a 25% increase. Warp2search.net has news about them on their site with links to sites comparing them against the 30.82s.


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