GF4 Ti4200 Bios flashing problem

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by valicu2000, Sep 13, 2003.

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    I've got this INNO3D TORNADO GF4TI4200 and I just can't flash it's bios. I got "nvflash 1.41" and the .rom file (made with xBIOS editor)...I started my pc using a boot diskette and run the nvflash -f file.rom. The problem is that it can't find the vga card ("No NV display adapters found"). Someone told me that in the mobo's BIOS I must activate the option "assign IRQ for VGA"...but, hell, my mobo (Shuttle AN35N ULTRA, nFORCE 2 ULTRA 400) doesn't have this option...older mobo's still have it. What's the clue?
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    Have you checked the manufacturers web site for a flash utility. They may have disabled flashing from the generic nvidia stuff.

    Some manufacturers frown on people messing with their boards. it increases warantee expenses.
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    The fact is that I've tested the board on a friend's PC with a mobo manufactured by ASUS (A7V8X) and it worked....
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    where do i can find bios upgrades for my MSI TI4200 128Mb AGP 8x?

    thanks =)
  5. MSI TI4200 128Mb AGP 8x? I as well would like to know I tryed msi live update but it dosnt seem to work:(
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    On the MSI Official Site ..
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    If you know more about overclocking U can use Ray Adam's "X-BIOS" or "nvidia bios editor". U cand edit your bios and GPU\G-RAM frequencies...and you'll have your card overclocked for good. U don't need anymore of GeForceTweak or some other programs that can temporarily overclock your G-card.