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GF2 and Mouse help plz



Okay I will make this quick easy and simple.

I installed Win XP Professional not to long ago (unfortunately for some reason it said I had a 2 files missing from my installation.. But it didn't seem to affect anything). Anywho. I have a GF2 64MB MX. I had no problems with it whatsoever when I used it in 98. But when I installed it to XP when I use emulators it seems that the screen can't catch up. Not to mention when I try to install the new Detenator Drivers for my card XP says it isn't a compatable driver which is wrong because that is the drivers I have been using for a long time.

As for the mouse. It moves toooooooo fast. I can go to control panel and everything to try to slow it down but it doesn't make a difference. What can I do to fix this? ( I have a Logitech mouse of some kind.. one of the newer ones but it isn't a infrared kind)

dunno bout your graphic problem..but try this for the mouse..if you can't slow it down at all using the tools logitech gave you to go with it or the default XP tools, look through your moust properties under device manager, find the option for Reports a second and try lowering that...it's worth a shot...but it more sounds like a problem with dynamic resolution, which is usually adjustable by the mouse programs that come with the mice.


try updating your logitch ,mouse drivers in there there is a accleration option try to change this setting

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