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The British retain their status as Europe's most dedicated buyers of rounds, but what lies behind this piece of pub etiquette? It's rather like being told donkeys still eat strawberries or that bears continue to regard the woods as a toilet, but a survey has suggested that Britons like buying drinks in rounds.
The survey of 7,500 people across 15 European countries has found that in Britain - as well as Sweden - 82% of respondents are happy to buy a round of beer. It's a cornerstone of British culture, the idea that friends or colleagues sitting in the pub should not march up to the bar and buy their drinks separately. They should not even get one set of drinks and then sit down and work out who owes what.

Damn right!! :p


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I dont even like going out to lunch w/someone I wouldn't pay for. I hate those huge "parties" where everyone bickers about who had what appetizer and what extra glass of wine.


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Only after bringing over a exceptionally bad movie,or crying like a baby after getting beaten is anyone at my place expected to BYOB.


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He doesn't drink alcohol... he drinks their tears :smoker:

I prefer to have smaller parties when going out. Personal residence, whole other story honestly.

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