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Getting WMP10 to ogranize My Music like WMP 9 did


OSNN Junior Addict
I've tried various options and configurations and can't seem to get WMP 10 organize My Music folder like WM9 did.

WM9 use to organize all my MP3s into correct folder if the ID tags for the MP3s were correct.
It would also add an album picture to the folder.

I can't seem to get WMP10 to do this.
What am I missing?

It use to organize
Artist Name or Original Soundtrack
And then would organize all the tracks into the correct album.
Then add cover art to the album folder thus creating smaller thumbnails for the artist folder when browsing My Music folder.

Is this still possible in WMP10?



OSNN Senior Addict
I would agree that WMP 10 is not as user friendly as version 9 .

However on careful checking , features such as play lists / track names /lp names are still available, but.in a differing layout,
Whether you play a bought cd or make your own, you can compile lists as before.

Look for the " quick access panel" left of " library" tab at the top.
Personally not keen on the the visualisations position change, although the DVD player side has been improved.

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