Getting tired of Outlook 2000 and Rules!!!


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Ugh, this is really beginning to bother me. I use Outlook 2000 here at work, and I receive email from a lot of different addresses. I like to be organized and filter them through differen folders, so I don't mistake the ones from spam with the ones I need to pay attention to. I try adding a rule that states all email going to such and such be moved this certain folder and stop processing further rules...

That should mean, that it won't move it into any other folders involved with any rules or such. After I created the forementioned rule, this proceeded to throw all of my other rules out of whack. I tried moving this rule to the very bottom so they would be affected in order of receiving, but that failed miserably. Now I'm pretty much posed with re-creating all of the rules, because the simply prefer to send it into my Inbox rather than the mailbox I prefer them. What gives! Why is it that no matter what I do the rules don't want to work. These are quite simple things to accomplish and they just don't work. I haven't seen anything that should impede these rules from functioning. *Sighs*


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Use Eudora Pro - It works flawless with that stuff and has a spam filter built into it that is just excellent ....


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Guys you don't understand. Here at work I have to use Outlook because of the Exchange server and all that, I'm trying to find a fix for the rules problem, instead of running away to another program. :(


I have read your post 3 times and I still dont understand it. I run Outlook and I have no problems with setting up rules. I am tired and I need a nap now. :D


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Poor Pseudo, hehe.

I don't have any issues setting up the actual rules, I have issues getting the damned rules to work in the first place! If I make any change to one rule, all of my rules go out of whack, and there is nothing telling them otherwise. I have a rule for each one of my co-workers, so that email from them goes into their folder... and instead I'm getting emails in Inbox from them, and I've quadrouple checked my rules, there is nothing telling them to go in there otherwise. Any ideas?
I know you are using your outlook 2k at work, however if at all possible try and get your hands on a copy of 2003. Trust me when I tell you that for once outlook does what it supppose to do.

2000 or ealier versions could never deliver on two fronts rules and controlling spam. Rules at best in 2000 work only half the time. I used to support 130 users at my old job and let me tell you that I looked and applied all kinds of methodologies to correct the inherent rules flaw in 2000.

Don't rack your brains over it, your life will become simpler if you can just get outlook 2003.

Good Luck!


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Why don't you try putting the email address or something else along the names in the rules to make it easier.

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