Getting another mouse prog to take precedence over Win XP... how?


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15 Feb 2004
I just purchased a Boomslang 2100, but I can't get the mouse configuration prog that comes with it to take precedence over the WinXP mouse settings. I can't adjust the sensitivity at all with the Boomslang software. Are there any registry or other tweaks I could do to make this work?
Make sure the Boomslang drivers are installed per the instructions.

Go to device manager open the Mouse listing and look to see if it says boomslang model xxx instead of generic mouse, MS mouse, etc. If it doesn't say boomslang uninstall the mouse. Then reboot and when Windos restarts it should come up with "new hardware found" . When it does tell it to use the boomslang drivers.

If that doesn't work go back to device manager, it should say boomslang now. Go to drivers and if it doesn't say boomslang for the driver maker manually install the boomslang drivers.

You may also have to install a seperate peice of software to provide the control panel functions. With logitech mice it is call the "mouseware". That installs itself over the windows xp default mouse setup panel.
I tried what you said, but no luck. The only thing it says in device manager is that I have a HID-compliant mouse. I uninstalled it and rebooted, and it still says the same thing. I reinstalled the Boomslang software, but when it tries to detect the mouse, it says FAILED. I have the mouse in USB and I've tried unplugging and plugging it back in with Windows running.
OK, I got the problem fixed. The Razer website had the solution in their support section. Thanks for the help though.

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