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Getting Access to System Restore

Kevin Ar18

OSNN Senior Addict
I need to do a system restore, but the Help & Support button does not work and I don't know another way to get to it.

I found the "sysrestore.chm" file and it said you can access it the following ways:

There are three methods that you can use to access System Restore functionality.
You can access the System Restore Wizard through the Start menu. XOX
You can access System Restore through Control Panel. XOX
You can access System Restore through Help and Support Center. XOX
1) I don't see anything on the Start Menu
2) I dont' see anything in the Control Panel
3) Help and Support Button doesn't work

Is there another way to get to System Restore? Perhaps a command line option?
(Also, could you note where you found the info.)

Kevin Ar18

OSNN Senior Addict
Thanks for the info.
I thought I remember an easier way to get to it.

Anyways, System Restore won't work.... It's just a white window.
Is there some other way I could force a System Restore?
Looks like some of your system files are corrupt.
Pop in the Windows XP CD, open command prompt and type:
sfc /scannow

It will scan your system files, and replace any that are corrupted.

Once that is done, try opening System Restore again. It should work.

Kevin Ar18

OSNN Senior Addict
Not really, just does the same as the link - a white widow.

No idea how to fix it apart from doing a factory restore. (I don't have a CD - just a restore option to factory settings.)

Kevin Ar18

OSNN Senior Addict
I just found out something interesting.... The System Restore page is a html page. I can right click on the blank white space and see that the address is res://rstrui.exe/start.htm

Is anyone able to view the source? If so, maybe it holds a clue.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Then that ain't your problem. Easiest thing to do would be a system restore to see if the registry is OK but that won't help.

Try booting into safe mode with a C:\prompt & trype reg.
C:\reg then enter. Select from the list to do a restore from there.

Kevin Ar18

OSNN Senior Addict
I'm not quite sure how to use reg. I undestand the command line option to do a restore (aka "reg restore "), however I'm not sure what file to tell it to use to do the restore.
I haven't done any manual backups of the registry. Can I get registry from the system restore backups? If so how can I get one for a certain date?

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