Getting a C# program with a manifest file to run in the debugger


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25 Aug 2005
Getting a C# program with a manifest file to run in the debugger
How do I declare a manifest file in the Visual Studio IDE for C# so that I can debug the resulting code?

I have been able to add the manifest file, to the exe after I have built the program. But then, when I try to debug my C# code, the program crashes at the point where a function call is made that is used by the DLL that the manifest file calls.

I tried the first in the "How to embed a manifest in an assembly: let me count the ways..." ( link and it failed to produce an executable that I could step through the IDE debugger. And I followed the steps carefully and I had no build errors.
I followed the steps outlined here for including a manifest file:
The executable runs from the command line after I include the manifest file. But when I open up the debugger and try to run the program through the IDE, it has the same problem as if it does not recognize the manifest file linked to it.

The way I link the manifest file to the executable is by first building the executable and then I close the project. Then I open the executable as a separate file and then I attach the manifest file as a resource to the executable.

The executable can run then, by running it from an explorer window (command line) but if I open the project again, it will not work.
I got the execuatable produced in the "let me count the ways" to work the same way. But I need to step through the code.

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