Getting 2 computers connected with one cable line...


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25 Dec 2001
Hey yo people...

I know this is kinda silly question... cause I am also a CISCO student, I am not certified yet...

This is what I want to do...
I want to connection 2 of my computers to the internet with one cable line and one cable modem, that means one of them will be internet VIA the other one, and a full file-sharing capability.

I have this computer running XP with cable connection, and I have another computer upstairs running windows 98 with no internet connection.

I would recomend getting a hardware router. If you are a Cisco Adademy student, you can get a Cisco 806 router that runs full IOS software (come in handy in Semester 2 chapters) at a HUGE discount. It costs $250 for Cisco Acad Students (regular price $820 ). I would recomend this to any Cisco student. I got one :D. See this URL for info on the student discount (you need your student login to access it):

If you are not a Cisco student and want to view the page, use "loc-ins" as the login and password. You CAN NOT get this discount using that login (you must be enrolled in an active Cisco Academy Class), you can just view the pages.

Ahhhhhhhhh... the CISCO kid... I was actually looking forward to hear something from you...

Thanks for the link, I didn't know about this benefit. :eek:

Anyway... what about a hub..?

You think hub will work, or is it too much work?
Well, just a hub would work if your ISP will provide more than one public IP address.

If you are a Cisco student and don't mind spending $250 for the student discount Cisco 806, i would get that. It has full Cisco IOS software (BIG help in Semester 2, it helped me).

That BBIAgent router Xtracate talked about is neat, but it requires a entire old PC to do nothing but route. I personally think its a piece of s**t wasting an entire PC as just a router.

If you don't want to drop the $250 bucks for the Cisco IOS router, just pick up a Cable/DSL broadband router from your local comptuer store


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