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geting a new tv...a little help?


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go to the store and physically check out the televisions...

shopping for it off an internet site will not do anything for you...

the picture quality differences are clear to see when you are THERE and looking @ the tv...

my $0.02 :)


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They all look pretty much the same but this one has 1 extra component video input. I wish my tv had two of these so I could plug in my gamecube and DVD player using component (yes the difference is that great).

To my knowledge PS2 doesn't have a component video output so if you own a PS2 (or no console) and don't plan on buying a new one , I don't think this is really an issue. XBOX however does support component and it is worth shelling out the extra bucks for the cables.


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yah undoubtedly that helps but you can also get breakout boxes that don't cost much and add (conveniently) extra inputs to your tv's existing total...

I care more about the picture quality than anything else...

when we were looking for my gf's tele (inclusive device with a dvd player) it took a while to get the right one... was not the most feature rich but had the best image quality and filtering for analog/digital cable... :)


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i agree with both sazar and ohzo....u WILL want the the extra inputs, trust me. u can never have enough inputs. the quality of the image is a lot more noticeable if u have (ideally) the tvs u want side by side playing the same thing at the same time to see whats wrong with each


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well Prodj88 I own the JVC model and I have not been happier with a tv purchase in my life...great picture quality, great options, nice remote and not really that heavy. I love it the one thing that I especially like is the theatre pro option which gives the tv picture when watching movies a darker color that makes movies look so much better. My xbox looks awesome even though I only use svideo it is still awesome...I really love my tv and if you get the JVC you will love it too
If price is no option, go for Sony or JVC. If you are on the cheap, I was thouroughly impressed by the Apex 27". I'll ask my roommate in the am, he works in Home Theater for Best Buy.

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