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Get your heroin for free!!!!


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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there are pluses and minuses to this program and I don't have time to post my thoughts on it but here's the link and you guys can comment on it til I have time to. Canada wants to give heroin addicts free drugs to keep them from committing crimes to get the money to do it.

Vancouver Tries Free Heroin Program


Dabba Dooba
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Not the best idea in my opinion...i mean yeah it might lower crime but what about what happends while u are on the drug or how many people can die from taking herion all the time? I have always told people that we should legalize weed in the U.S and have it so it is sold in stores like cigs are but not in packs cause that can be expensive.
Oh, the stupidity.....

So you have a bunch of losers who voluntarily chose to become heroin addicts. Now their lives are completely ****ed up because of their own actions, and the government uses money received through taxes to give them their fix?

"They're using heroin. They'll continue to use heroin. What we're trying to do is prevent them from getting something irreversible like HIV, hep [hepatitis] C and overdose death,” said Dr. Martin Schechter, the director of the heroin program.
Why exactly? They screwed themselves over, knowing very well what the effects of their actions were going to be. How about spending that same money trying to help people who are suffering due to things that weren't in their hands - like cancer patients, for example?

A way to prevent crime? Throw their sorry asses in jail instead. :rolleyes:

Sorry, I have absolutely no sympathy for such people. And if I were a Canadian taxpayer, I'd be very, very pissed...


Canadians are very queer people indeed.

I would let people take drugs at their will, allow it all to be legal, but no drug rehab, people would have to be taken accountable for their actions the same respect to drunkeness and drunk drivers etc.

I have not taken drugs like this myself, 'hard drugs' only prescription or over the counter.

If they want to abuse their body let em, they die that's their tuff titty!


Dabba Dooba
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I still dont get why weed is illegal when alcohol has more affect on u then weed. I think i should start my own island and make weed legal :p. Anyway...they dont plan on doing that here do they? and why herion?
Lee said:
people would have to be taken accountable for their actions the same respect to drunkeness and drunk drivers etc. [...] If they want to abuse their body let em, they die that's their tuff titty!


Random Apple Dude
I get the theory behind it reducing crime. But lets face it, if you have person off tripping on drugs, they may well just comit crimes as they would have done anyways. So in effect, I'd say its a pretty "WUH WUH WUH!?!? WTF noooo wayyyzzzz!!" theory/

My theory. If you have a looser whos whacking high on heroin (or other such similar drug), just shoot the fool in the head and be done with it* :)

(*individual circumstances concidered)

I could say more.. but... I have to go and do something pointless now to euqal-out my productive-non productiveness. :)


More crimes are committed as the addicts can't afford the drugs they're addicted to, so they rob n steal to they have the money to buy a fix, so we can kill three birds with one stone, the dealer, the pusher and the addict in one throw buy just allowing it legally, as, prices will be dead low, the dealer has no reason to import high amounts of class a and b drugs to a country, the pusher will hardly make any money from pushing and the addict will be able to buy all s/he wants from the money they get from their job or giro.

Just think of all that money saved on burgulry, petty theft, robbing, mugging, cars being broken into, Police won't have to raid homes, or go on long surveillance operations.

I used to be so effed off about drug addicts, drug dealers, pushers and the such, as I already replied, let em kill themselves, their body they are killing.
Only a government can afford to spend money on a totally stupid idea and say it is good for you.

Theory - No money to buy drugs causes crime.
Gov. solution - give drugs to people for free.

Reality - the drugs screw you so you can't work which is why you have no money.
More durgs means more screwed up. So now that you are getting all the drugs you need you only have to commit crimes to buy food, clothing, sex, housing, alcohol, transportation and housing.

Being in government kills more brain cells than doing drugs does.

PS Pot is no more or less safe than alcohol. Both impare your judgement to the point where you can not operate machinery or drive without putting yourself or other at risk. Alcohol causes liver damage, pot causes lung cancer. Big difference, they both will kill you eventually.


Electronica Addict
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The positive coming from this is that they won't transmit deseases like HIV/AIDS, etc.

Since it's so hard to stop using Heroine once you are addicting (taking into account it's one of the most addictive drugs), I think they are also using this as a way to offer rehab to the junkies. Also, I'm not sure, but I believe it's going to be cheaper to the tax payer to offer free heroine that to throw these guys into jail, where they could further transmit diseases.

According to the article, similar stuff has been tried in Europe...I can't find any info on that though.

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