Get someone who is under 10 to do it



Since people are going to jail with a life sentence. Are they going in there because they are over the legal age limit of being trialed.
Why not use someone that is under this limit to do your dirty work.
Im not sure about laws but...why not say that someone else did it such as someone under the age of 10.

An example was just recently that some children age 7,8 and 9 made a blockade on a railway...they were never trialed because they were under the legal for getting trialed...

My question is...can use this method to not get in trouble by our laws?

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anyone thay would use a kid for anything illegal should be shot on sight........ imho

anyone try that with one of my kids and I will do it myself

loads the shotgun

takes aim

BOOM BOOM out goes the lights


Thats a nice first post....:D
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