get plate off back of amd64 mobo plz help


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2 Feb 2004
hi everyone

i bought a zalman heatsink/fan and i need to put on its baseplate that goes on the back of hte mobo and i was wondering if anyone has any good ideas on how to take the default one off that u use with the stock fan as its held on by real strong sticky and i cant use a screw driver coz id damage the circuitry under it...

any ideas given is appreciated!!!
As daft as it sounds, use a hairdryer.
that will loosen up the thermal compound.
Would definatly look for a guide to doing it tho, but a hair drier is the popular choice!
A razor is always better for prying than a screwdriver if it comes to it. Definitely try the hair dryer.
thanks the hair drier worked n loosened it up, i wouldnt recommend a razor due to the fact that you could cut up all the connections on the back of the board :p
twist n pray umm no lol spose you can do that if you want to stuff the whole lot up lol
hehe they dont make computers like they used to, could do soo much with my old pentium 1 now these new ones ar soo fussy

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