[Gentoo] Mysql does not work

Hello all. I am trying to setup Mysql to use Feedonfeeds (a server side feed reader which I use to read this fine site) but I seem to be having quite a major problem. I get this error:

Cannot connect to database. Check your configuration. Mysql says: Lost connection to MySQL server during query

Unfortunatly the Mysql documentation does not shine any light on fixing the problem. I have tried setting the max_allowed_packet and the wait_timeout but they won't seem to "set". After using mysql_install_db it gives commands to set a root password via commands. But alas I get this error:

Lost connection to MySQL server during query

I am unsure what to do. I think I'm at the end of the line and I'm about to go crazy. Please help. Thank you, DreamweaverN


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seconded :yes: MySQL errors are quite common under n00bs (meaning people that just started using MySQL) and you're solution may also be their solution.


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to set variables you need to do this
in your my.ini file or relevant unix filename.
Sure thing. Actually this was a very strange error and many things made it occur. I found that a setting I had made before that worked in FeedonFeeds (the localhost variable, it had to be set to this even though setting it to other things had worked perfectly fine on other Linux OSs). Also the user I had created for Mysql had to host "localhost" and nothing else. It seems Mysql didn't want to handel "outside" data (even though it came from the same machine). Of course the error had nothing to do with the fix. Also this set of conditions had not been seen anywhere else or so it seems (of all the searching I did nothing came close to the fix). The Mysql documentation was no help at all. I've setup Mysql on Mandrake, Red Hat and Slackware with the same software and doing the same things yet it all seemed to die when I changed to Gentoo. Oh well, it is working now and that is the main thing :).

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