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Generic Hos Process for win32 Services



I have the same question and emailed ZA it about last week. They sent me a very long reply that completely avoided answering the essence of my question: What is the risk of allowing the "Generic Host Process" access to the internet or, especially, allowing it to act as a server? I also asked about ICQ because it wants to act as a server also (I never allow it to do so). However, I have no clue why it needs to act as a server or the consequences/benefits of not allowing this.

Any insight into this would certainly be appreciated.

Perris Calderon

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I don't have a messenger,so I'm confused by your post, it seems I read somewhere that the messengers needed to have server rights in ordr to work...does your's work the same when you deny?
I just ried it and its true...if I don't allow it to act as a server, none of my remote comps on the network can get out o the web...this is baffling. I've been looking around the net for answers to this "service's" function but nothing came up...wierd...could it be spyware acting? damn im getting paranoid.


We do have a network withup to five computers connected but ICQ is only used by me on one machine. Maybe that is why it still seems to send and receive messages when I deny it server rights.

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