GeForceFX pics....holy crap thats big



HOLY! You seen the specs on that thing? Its amazing! And I'm glad I have the space for the cooling system, I intend to be getting one! The cooling system on that thing must be good....


its simple, it will occupy two slots, making one on my PCI slots unusable!! *sigh!


Can't wait to see this card in action. I want one too, takes up one pci slot pfft, who needs pci cards anyway :D All they're good for is sound cards...oh and ethernet but i dont need that. So big cooling system here i come :) except i don't think the initial price tag will entice me, maybe in 5 years it will. Eh well better start saving now then :D


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info on the card...

the cooler you see if basically like the OTES system that abit introduced a while back...

the cooler has 2 vents... one intake and one exhaust... using a vacuum like action to suck air in and cool the device...

here in is my first concern with the cooler... all reviewers who saw the demo card (rumored to have been runing @ only 194-196mhz clock) said that the EXHAUST air was hot to the touch... consider that the intake is right next to the exhaust and then think about the design...

secondly, the reviewers said that the test was carried out on a loud case and yet they could still hear the GFFX hsf ABOVE the sound of the rig...

nvidia is using some kind of innovative system whereby the cooelr will adjust speeds and therefore quietness level based on the demands on the card... this is what has been laid out by the company...

the card itself is around the size of the gf4 4600... which you may recall is significantly larger than the competing solution from Ati... the r300 based card....

nvidia has claimed that the card may ship with alternate HSF design which will be a lot quiter and perhaps not use up a PCi slot... also the card demoed @ comdex appeared to be one of the first wafers off the assembly line... therefore there are possible improvements to be made between now and the rumoured february mass availability of the card...
good thing i bought the 9700 pro, cause that would not fit in my case (too much other stuff) although i must say that if it lives up the the hype, it will blow me out of the water. but dam is that big.

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