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Geforce3 & Asus A7V266 probs...



i just bought a athlonXP +1700 processor running at 1.47ghz and an asus A7V266 motherboard and a Elsa Gladiac920 (Geforce 3) while running Windows XP Professional and i am having loads of probs -ie: games in direct3d locking up and counter-strike locks up once in a while. but the direct3d games only play for like 20 secs before it locks up.... i have updated all chipset drivers and bios and i have updated display drivers. and i even checked to see if the geforce's IRQ was being shared with another device but it isnt... i thought it might be a setting on my mother board.... but wasnt sure... i didnt have any probs with the geforce3 with my tyan motherbord and pIII 1.0ghz. so i am kinda stressed trying to figure out what is wrong... plz help me! =]

ALSO.. When i set my motherboard bios configurations for my agp slot in the chip configurations section -ie: AGP Capabilities, AGP Fast Write,AGP Drive Strength, and Graphics Aperture Size..
after setting those... then i go back into my bios and they are back to the default settings for just those... why is it doing this???


don't know how to fix your problem, but if u checked to see if your geforce card is sharing any irq with any devices, you will see that it is...in fact, all your devices use the same irq...lol....windows xp uses shared irq to resolve conflicts...


umm.. ur wrong =]

the attachment is a picture of my irq list.. now if u look at it my geforce is on irq# 11.. if it was shared there would be another device on irq# 11.. and clearly there isnt =] thx for ur input though =]

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