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GeForce2Go Problems


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Dell C810 Notebook/Nvidia GeForce2Go

Having a display setting problem. The clinical app we use requires a 1024x768 res but on one of the machines, the display is tiny, centered on the screen.

I can fix this by going into Nvidia TwinView settings as admin and set it to maximize the display, but it reverts back to the screwball settings on reboot. At 1600x1200 the problem exists only on the boot screen.

I've reghosted, the bios is set correctly and up to date, so I'm wondering if there's a reg key I can set to override this flakiness?

The root problem must be hardware and I'll have to have the machine serviced/replaced but I'm looking for a quick fix in the interim.

Any suggestions? Been digging through the registry but haven't had much luck. I need a HKLM key to override user settings (this is a shared machine, unfortunately).


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Originally posted by Un4gIvEn1
See the little Fn key? See the F7 key that says Font? Hold the Fn key while pressing the Font key. Presto! Fixed. Good luck!
Yeah that works, but it doesn't hold its setting after a reboot. I can't rely on the docs here to hit FN-F7. :blink: Thanks for the tip though.

/me eyes screwdriver and hammer sitting next to laptop....
Are you using the latest BIOS? According to what I have read, the A08 BIOS flash fixes this issue. The newest BIOS flash is A15. Give that a try if you haven't already. Have you contacted Dell yet? Good luck.

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