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Geforce2 Overclock setting correct?



I used the coolbits entry in regedit and reboot and saw the settings for changing the memory speed only being able to go up to 100mhz when the default is 166mhz according to my card. This because my new board is set on 100mhz board speed instead of 133? My athlon 800mhz wouldn't keep up with the bus to ram, usually wouldn't be stable after 214fsb. The speed for the memory card in overclock options is 200mhz, which it could overclock to 275mhz. I just set the clock to 210mhz and 100mhz for the memory clock. If my board was set for 266mhz utilization if i had a cpu like 1ghz athlon to handle it, would this change the settings for ram speed on my gf2 in coolbits? what about adding +33 to hostclck? I think many a bluescreen happen because of ram condition settings.

Nevertheless, setting it at 100mhz for memory, i notice a bigger performance on my system through overclocking my video card then overclockin fsb or cpu clock. I'm leavin the fsb and cpu clock alone, the graphics overclock feels like i added an extra 200mhz to my computer. Oh, it's gf2mx/400 xstacy 64mbram. One more thing i may throw in here, in system properties, under computer i have the regular ACPI Computer, underneath that there's an icon for STANDARD PC, which has irq steering settings according to PCI 2.1 compliance, which popped up after system32/hal.dll got corrupt, and i had to use recovery console and extract hal.dl_ from cd to get back in and things seemed fine. Everything in standard pc properties says everything is correct except irq miniport not installed, i guess i'll find that somewhere. my board is msi k7t266 pro2. thanks, smoke one for me andy.


if possible please respond by email msghadez@hushmail.com thanks

oh, setting bios setting for PCI delay trans off was a noticable imporvement, if anyone has features on advanced bios settings, let me know, thx!
I'm not sure what memory your vid board uses, but if it's DDR sometimes coolbits has a bug where it doesn't see that, so setting your mem to 100mhz is actually 200mhz. you can always get a program like NVmax to double check what it is truly set too.

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