Geforce FX 8500 Ultra CANCELLED

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GFFX Ultra No More:
As we noted here Thursday, the GeForceFX 5800 Ultra will never make it to retail. Those of you that PreBuy the cards will still get an Ultra model with the FX Flow cooling unit. Those who don't will have the opportunity to get the non-Ultra version (400/800) off the retail shelves for a price of US$300.00. This information is unconfirmed at this time, but has been what we have been told repeatedly by different sources since Tuesday of this week.

Anyone have a working and complete Voodoo5 6000 version 3 or better they want to trade for a working v1.1 GFFX 5800 Ultra? Drop me a line.

Also, at this time it seems that the BFGTech GFFX Ultra is still for sale through Best Buy. Get'um while they are hot...not that they ever won't be.
doubt it. they spent too much to drop it regardless of people opinion. i know the card sucks, but for now it is going to be nvidia's flagship
if you read it, you'd see they are only dropping the ultra, the standard 5800 will be released, but it won't be faster than a 9700 Pro


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Originally posted by Jz1397-4
doubt it. they spent too much to drop it regardless of people opinion. i know the card sucks, but for now it is going to be nvidia's flagship
the card neither sucks nor was a large investment put into it... :)

nvidia has very deep pockets a la intel (though much much smaller) and can absorb the cost of a failed launch...

the gf FX 5800 ultra would have been a fabulous card but for the 9700pro... it is still faster... though the IQ is a little lacking and once bandwidth usage comes up the product is not really as fast as the 9700pro... but it has its applications and the core is extremely programmable...

the card has nice features... don't get me wrong when I slate nvidia PR regarding this and other products as meaning that this product is deficient...

it is certainly not an option for many to buy for various reasons (noise/heat/size/immature drivers) but nvidia has an obligation to bring some cards to the market for the sole reason of appeasing its fan base... :)

the standard version is more closer to the ORIGINAL specs of the gf FX 5800 card... not the overclocked version that is being called the ultra... and as can be seen from many tests the 'regular' version struggles to keep up with the 9700pro or even its lower clocked brethren the 9700 card...

nvidia is going to be dedicating a lot more time it seems on bringing its nv35 to the market faster :)

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