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Geforce Fx 5800 ultra on pci?

Hi all

i just installed my new motherbaord, the chaintech 7njs and my amd athlon 2400 and rebooted my comp (REFORMAT) and now my Graphics card in the settings say its runnin on pci mode, how do i get it bk on AGP 8x?

pls hlp


hardware monkey
well, what does your system bench at? how many 3dmarks, for example?

it might be displaying "PCI" as a simple bug in the drivers. it's a new card, after all.
have you used netmeeting at all? i had a similar problem with a 2mx graphics card where after i used netmeeting with a webcam, the graphics card changed to PCI bus mode.

i fixed it by installing Intel Application Accelerator (although that wont work for you - you've got an AMD system)... I assume if it is the same thing, there will be a similar fix for AMDs

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