Geforce fx 5200


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22 Mar 2004
Geforce fx 5200 problem

I have a delemma....
my system is as follows

2800 athalon xp
512 megs ddr
Geforce fx 5200
GA-7vt600 board
80 gig 7200 spin

experiencing poor video preformance(gaming)....
it is slow, laggy, even on the lowest of low settings (even if you put it on a low resolution and low texture quality you get the same lag from the highest setting)

I think it is the card, and by the way i have the newest forceware installed......any ideas??? thanks :)
i have the same card... 2.6ghz p4 256 RDRAM PC800, same card, and 80gig 7200rpm, i have the latest drivers as well and i can get pretty slow... i noticed it in halo if i go above 1024*680... i think it might be the monitor... you need a high refresh rate on your games and set it to vsync.... i have an old monitor so thats my prob... check your settings on your monitor for games and make sure you dont have too many background programs running
I know this is not too helpful - but I swapped my FX5200 out for my Radeon 9700 pro - not regretted it either :) But you probably knew that was a last resort....
I'm running the same card as well. P-4/FX5200-128/1024mbDDR/Forceware 61.11 driver. If you specify which game it can help. In either case if your running any of the new games such as Far Cry or Hitman Contracts and your running the latest official Forceware 56.72 from the Nvidia driver page, you might want to consider looking at the Forceware 61.11 61.12 drivers at I was getting sluggish game performance with Far Cry and Hitman Contracts even after adjusting advanced video config. with DXT compression and Post Filter disabled in HC2. I installed the 61.11 driver from Guru3D and noticed a 10-15% improvement in gameplay. Yea, I guess the bottom line here is before long the games are going to outgrow our 5200's capability and the drivers aren't going to be helping much.
Installed Geforce 5200 on 2800 Barton system.and Gigabyte board sometime ago...... would not run properly at all even with 100% correct drivers.
Happily using ATI 9200 now.

I know others with stability issues with Geforce..... either brilliant or rubbish depending on board. ( Sweeping statement !)

Radeon seems to be universally reliable, regardless of boards used.

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