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Geforce 6800 review (not Ultra or GT)


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cannot find any reviews for the Geforce 6800 non ultra non gt...

I have never needed the best card out there and have never needed to spend 4 or 5 hundred dollars on a card...

if anyone can help please do...I've googled and looked and can only find reviews with ultra or gt in it... :confused:


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there will be one out on www.nvnews.net shortly...

in the meantime here are some prelim numbers for you to enjoy...

For those of you considering this card:

System: A64 3000+/K8TNeo/768 Crucial 333MHz DDR/ref 6800NU -fresh install XP Home, nVidia 61.45 drivers

UT2003, v.2225
Painkiller v. 1.2

UT2003 Holy Sh*t settings (all highest), 4X 8X, sound on, nVidia on "Quality":

Flyby 126fps Botmatch 68fps
Flyby 68fps Botmatch 43fps

UT2003 Holy Sh*t settings (all highest), 4X 8X, sound on, nVidia on "Performance":
Flyby 138fps Botmatch 71fps
Flyby 73fps 46fps

Well 16X12 4X8x all details maxed is apparently not the optimal resolution for the 6800NU. On the positive side, I think 12X9 all maxed with good framerates is not a bad thing for a $300 MSRP card!

PainKiller, all highest settings, sound on, Quality, 4X 8X

FPS 29/131/255 (which I take to be min/ave/max)
FPS 29/107/250
FPS 29/41/239

Again, 16X12 is not the 6800NUs friend, but 12X9 is very good.
So far, no problems whatsoever with this card. The only time it hasn't been rock stable is the few times I tried healthy (read substantial OCs)
these are prelim numbers by a poster over there by the username of Rollo...

from the looks of it this card might be performing a little better than my card but I do have a slightly better cpu so and ut is a cpu dependent game...

I have personally not played painkiller so am not sure about my performance numbers there... if EP can post some figures here it would help :)

keep in mind unlike the ULTRA and GT models the non-ULTRA only has 3 quads :) though thats still better than mine lol...

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