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GeForce 6800 GT Issues

Hiya, just wondering if anyone else has heard of something similar to this; I've read a few but nothing ever came to an answer and I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix it. I just got my 6800 gt through today, fitted it and from the second i fitted it, the graphics were pretty dodge - the bios load up screens now had white speckles, the windows background was all slightly broken up, yet i had hope - this was before drivers. After my computer moaning at me about "access denied" when not installing the drivers I used a drivercleaner, and this time it seemed to work, even got the newest drivers from the nvidia website. Restart (same speckled start up) and just as windows starts up; the monitor goes onto stand by. Not sure what seems to be happening here, I've checked most things but no obvious reason to me anyways.

If anyone knows anything about this it'd be great before I have to faff about returning it!

Thanks a lot

AMD Athlon XP 2200+
1024 mb (2x512) corsair pc2700 RAM
80 gb harddrive
Asus A7v333 (one point here - only 4x agp, may cause issues?)
GeForce Ti4200 64mb (currently)
Running Windows XP sp2


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If i was use i would just return the card, and try another maker, or at least try any card of the same brand before you go messing with it or your system.
Well, the only thing i can think of is that possibly EITHER the card is screwed, or my PSU isn't strong enough.. because it requires a 300watt, and to be honest I'm not sure what mine is, and to find out i'm going to have to remove it all from the case. That's my project for the evening anyway! So if it's not 300watts i'm hoping to buy a new one tomorrow either way, because:
a) it might magically fix my PC
or b) if i send it back and they test it as a working card they might send it back to me - therefore i'll want to get it to working - e.g. new mobo is next step with 8x agp to be sure! Could be a chaotic/very poor month

Ta for your comment


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I am using a 6800 GT and I have a 420w PSU. It may say 300 watt but that does not cut it. A 300w PSU barely cuts it for anything nowadays let alone having a 6800GT in the system. also you should check to see what brand of psu you have cause some powerful psu's can't handle the load even if it says 350 or 400 on it
Feeling bloody stupid

Right well now i feel rather dim, You know, i looked into everything - well thought i had- guess what i'm packing? a 250 watt psu **cries/laughs**:confused: :(right well tomorrow is shopping day i'll try and get a decent one - hoping for 450watts either way and i'll come back and comment more on how stupid that **** up was. Right, thanks a lot i'll take that into account when looking around tomorrow don't think i'm going to be able to get an amazing psu, haven't got enough money, but i'll make sure it's good enough - Thanks a lot

(ok and that's not even an offensive 4 lettered word)
Any decents brands i should be looking out for (doubt there'll be many but i'll keep my eyes open) PC world is the only place i can get to tomorrow and i want to try and get this sorted (UK - we suck for decent hardware stores, or i suck for not knowing any) :eek:


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Antec is a nice brand to look out for, they are a bit expensive but worth it. I have the Neo one that is 480W it was about $115 at newegg.....It is amazing.....nuf said good luck hope that fixes it for you, hate to see a bad 6800 GT...oh and what brand is it?
After a recommendation from a mate who has the fx5950 Ultra, I went with XFX - Ta, I dunno if i'm going to be able to find an antech one i've heard they were good but i'll look around as much as i can, pretty much wiped myself out buying that card, ram etc (only bought the other day) so i'll just have to rely on credit cards heh
I give up

Well ladies and gents I officially give up; Dunno what it is, must be my 4xagp slot (which should work) or the card screwed - 500 watt Jeantech PSU fitted and not a blind bit of difference, short of just wiping windows and starting again (shouldn't make much difference unless something's wrong with my drivers) I haven't got a clue what's wrong. Any ideas?

By rights, my PC now fits the specs required

Thanks in advance

Well that was a wasted evening of reinstalling every driver i have for no apparent gain. No difference was made (didn't think there would be a change but hey - worth a bit of hope) so tomorrow it's going in the post.

Thanks to everyone that inputted, reputation points etc to the lot of ya


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As a last try thing, install new(old ones even) chipset drivers, sometimes it helps with that sort of thing, maybe it isnt the drivers for the card, try updating everything down to your keyboard...dont know if this will help but it will get your other hardware up-to-date :p
Well i've installed the latest 4 in 1 VIA chipset drivers, I'll have a look tomorrow if it makes any difference, can't be bothered getting it out all the packaging - reopening pc for the 7 millionth time today- then fit it hehe

In all honesty i've got my RMA code now so i might as well send it back and just buy a new mobo/processor/graphics after some more saving! Well thank you everyone anyways it's been a learning experience lol
Recently i had the same kinda problem with my FX5800 Ultra, i just kept installing n uninstalling Drivers in safemode till it worked again i was also told to get a new PSU as mine is only a 250W, My 480W should b here 2mos
Well mine didn't make a differnece, hope it fixes your - I'm just gonna have to buy myself a new mobo methinks; 8x agp to make sure the bugger works, well i'm going to try it on my mate's PC tonight and who knows!
Well end of the story ladies and gents is that the card is screwed :( Tried it on my mate's PC and no luck! Same broken up crap graphics even on start up. Tried his fx5950 Ultra though just to check if _that_ works with my current specs and it does, so that's what i'm gonna buy once i get this RMA sorted - Thanks again for all your help


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Just so it is clear, if you every see something fishy on any of your cards before windows even loads-up, know that it would have nothing to do with any of your system drivers as the drivers only kick-in as windows loads up. They wouldn't effect anything in pre-windows state. If I had seen your post earlier I would've told you that it was either your card (video memory), or your mobo. Anyways, I'm glad you figured it out. Good luck with the RMA process. It might take a while depending on the company.

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