GeForce 5?



i heard from one of my friends that nvidia is planning to release the Geforce5 sometime in december. Is there any truth to this? I was looking for a new video card, and had my sights on the GeForce4 Ti4600. Although i like ATI, i like Nvidia more. Anyway, my friend was saying to save up my money right now and wait for the GeForce5 to come out. Is there any truth to this? what should i do?



Well I'm no industry insider or anything, but I do know quite a few people who are. I doubt the GeForce5 will make it in December, that's just what I've heard. Sure nVidia would love to get those "Holiday" sales on the GF5's, but with ATI just recently releasing their Radeon 9700 and 9000; I've been hearing that nVidia has decided to let ATI have their "fun" and with the start of nVidia's new year/quarter that's when they'll unleash that beast known as GeForce5...

It could happen in December, never underestimate a hungry competiter, especially one in the computer bizz. But with nVidia's GF4ti's still selling like hotcakes, and ATI's Radeon 9700 now only being reserved for people that MUST have the absolute best RIGHT NOW; I doubt that the GF5 will be rushed out. If I were you I'd just get a sweet-ass GeForce4 TI 4600 with the new 8X AGP... You'll be very happy with that, but if you absolutely have to have the best ATI's Radeon 9700 will be a good buy around the Holiday's... But like you said you like nVidia better... Don't wait for GF5 though, that's my advice...;)

-- See I told you I'm not an industry insider :p I'm already being "debunked"... Hahaha

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I have searched around, and browsed in various nVidia forums, and I have concluded if it's coming out, it's most likely coming out somewhere towards the end of November, or somewhere early December. This should be cool; but I'm waiting for a Geforce 6.


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Is it gonna have a different GPU (New Gen) and MEM (More Memory) or are they just gonna up the Clock on it and try to sell it as "New and Improved"???


I ain't no rich person or nothing (14 years old), but when GeForce5 comes out, I will definetely buy it !!!

I have got a GeForce2 MX400, when I bought it it was £80, now only £35 !

So I will definetely go with the Geforce 5 !!!


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I dont think it will be called Geforce. Reminds me I was Gamestop last Wednesday have a few friends there and one is a manager. Well I was trying out the new 'need for speed' game when a guy comes in and said "I heard hat ATI has a new card and its better so I should get it." My friend ask "what card do you have right now?" He says "A geforce TI 4600" we looked at each other. Im not an ATI hater Im far from it but, I explained to the guy that you have a great card that hasnt even reached its full potential. There is nothing on the market right now that brings that card to its knees. I didnt get to technical with our savy consumer :) but he ended up understanding what I was saying and thanked me for saving him $400 plus tax. Just imagine the many GeForce Ti 4600 owners I havent reached lol.


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i hope those people kind of people just have LOADS of money to be upgrading from a ti 4600 to a Radeon 9700 pro... it's ridiculous otherwise.

and i'm quite certain nvidia is ditching the "geforce" name. nv30 will be called something else. it will also be directx 9-based. at the time it comes out and dx9 comes out, so will 3dmark 2002 (2003?). }:>

Nick M

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Gotta have a lot of money, or just be really silly, to upgrade like that...and as to how long the Geforce name will stay, I think not for much. Why, NV30 is unlikely to be called Geforce 5, because the NV30 is next gen, because it's based on DX9, none of the currently existing cards are ( I think ).


yea ati already has a plan to go against nv30, r350. and Nick M Radeon 9700 pro is based on DX9


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i don't have details or proof, but the 9700 pro is not completely dx9-compatible. that is, it doesn't have all of the features.. but they put as much in as they could, being how early it was.

Nick M

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Canibus, when I was saying none of existing cards are based on DX9, I was talking about Nvidia's lineup, not AtI

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