Geforce 4 and Game cube


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I have my Game Cube hooked up to my geforce 4 to the video in port and the picture seems to blurr when its at full screen is this a limitation of the hardware or the software I'm not sure what kinda res the TV-In port can handle but the game cube puts out 640x480 at leaste and if its a software issue can anyone suggest a better program to use for the video input?


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the video card came with a video in software my question was is the hadware to blame for the blurr or is the software? if the video card just makes it blurry then ill ahve to deal with it but if its the software and theres an alternative then ill switch.


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what connection are you using? if it's composite video (yellow rca) then it'd be wise to get the s-video cable for the camecube. but even then, you won't get the kind of resolution and sharpness you're used to on the comp.


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yah im using the little octopuss thingy that came with the card and using the comp part of that, but I just don't understand how it could be more clear on a 10 yr old tv then a brand new geforce 4 and (also new)15inch philips lcd! :(


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I think its just the hardware, Some friends and I had both a PS2 and a GameCube through a (hauppauge) TV card the other week at a lan, and the picture was slightly blurred, still playable tho.


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Originally posted by Krux
yah im using the little octopuss thingy that came with the card and using the comp part of that, but I just don't understand how it could be more clear on a 10 yr old tv then a brand new geforce 4 and (also new)15inch philips lcd! :(
may have just answerd your own question...

refresh rates, refresh rates, refresh rates... the lcd's just don't have 'em


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I am going to have to go with blinden. Unless you are using a top of the line LCD, they just arent good enough for gaming. The reason being is that LCD's cant refresh the pixels fast enough, so thats why you get the blurryness.

Many will try to argue this point, but they argue it from a subjective point of view. With cold hard facts and benchmarks, as well as using tests that arent available to consumers, it has been proven that LCD's are just not good for gaming. They are getting better, but they are still way behind traditional CRT's.:happy:


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While its true that lcd's are useless for PC Gaming the fact is that a GameCube will only output 50Hz for a UK model and 60Hz for a US model.
TV sets only run at 50hz PAL and 60Hz NTSC, so it wont be the refresh rate. possibly dropping the resolution down to 640x480 may also help. as again, this is all that a TV set will support.


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While you are correct on the television refresh rates, you seem to be a bit off base on LCD's. There are maybe 2 or 3 models right now that come close to the 60hz refresh rates. However, besides these few BRAND new models, LCD's dont even come close to 60Hz and I am betting this includes his 15 inch Philips.


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yah see I didn't think it was the LCD I think its the TV-in. or the software but no one who has responded yet has metioned anykind of software.


Just use a normal TV. Thats what it was made for. You dont buy a console so you can connect it to your pc, do you? ;)
Yeah I think that's pretty close to the point. The GameCube is made to run on a TV, so the image is best on a TV. If you plug the PC to a TV the TV image gets all blurry. Since the GameCube is made for the TV it's image doesn't need to be super-sharp since noone will notice on a TV. Plug it to a monitor and it's suddenly very obvious.

It's a theory anyway. :)

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