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GeForce 3TI200 & TV OUT



I have just installed a Abit Geforce 3TI200 128DDR DVI TV Out, replacing my old ATI 32MB Rage Fury Pro TV Out.

My problem is i can't get my TV out to work, when i go to, Display Properies--Settings--Advanced--Device Selection, Analague Display is selected and i can't unselect it and Digital Display and TV are greyed out. I'm using the latest Nividea 28.32 Driver with XP Home Ed.

My original long TV out cable would not fit into the card socket but neither would the short TV out cable supplied, the instructions showed using this Y cable adapter which i have used leaving a spare socket hanging(Which looks like it's for sound maybe) My set up looks right according to the manual.

With my old ATI card i could have the monitor on and the TV display on too showing the same screen.

MANY THANKS for any input

Tieny Tim

Hi Aletank

As far as I know unless you have the MX version of the GeForce 2/3/4 you can only display on TV or Monitor not both with the nvidia drivers. It is possible with something like TvTool but quality suffers.

Had the same problem with the MSI version of the same board.

At work now but will check how to enable TV out when I get home.



I have the Monitor plugged in and my TV out plugged in, now it wouldn't be so bad if i could just go to "Display Properties and select which out- put i want, but Anolgue is selected i can't unselect it and TV is greyed out


I'm sure my problem lies in the connections of the card for TV out,

On the back of the card there's the "Video Out" socket now normally it is a 5 pin connection well mine is 9 pin so the normal S-Video out cable won't fit.

The manual shows using a "Mini-Din 9pin to S-Video and RCA adaptor cable" which is supplied with card.

So the Mini-Din 9 pin bit goes to my Video Out socket on the card and the S-Video bit goes to my S-Video cable and the RCA adaptor cable is left doing nothin.

To me this set up seems stange as you would think the S-video cable would go directly to the Video Out socket on the card but 5 pins won't go into 9, but this is how the manual shows it using this adaptor.

Does anyone else use this cable adaptor or are your cards Video Out the normal 5 pins?

I've attached the set up page from the manual

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