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Geforce 3 and Overclocking



I have a Geforce 3. The regular one (non TI) and I was wondering how much could i oc it using power strip? I want to try to max out the card and am unsure which settings to put it at so it still functions safely. It still has stock cooling. It is also a VisionTek Gf3



I thought there were only the Ti200 and Ti500 models of the Geforce3?

With overclocking, basically bump up the core / memory about 3-5mhz at a time, until the card either locks up during benchmarking/playing games, or artefacts (blobs of different colours, weird stuff) appear on the screen. When this happens, turn down the settings slightly until the card is stable.


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Originally posted by adamg
I thought there were only the Ti200 and Ti500 models of the Geforce3?
before nvidia adopted it's Ti moniker, there was just a plain geforce3. then Ti sprung up and out came the ti200 (slower), ti500 (faster), and gf2 ti (between the gts pro and ultra).

oorgle, you don't bother with powerstrip. the nvidia driver has built-in overclocking that just needs to be enabled with the coolbits registry key (see attachment). then navigate like so:

- step up your core frequency by 5mhz... 'test' it... 'apply' it... then run a minute-long 3d benchmark or game and look for things that aren't normally there. this includes discolored pixels, odd triangles, and just general strange behavior. if it looks okay, go back and up it another 5mhz and repeat. once you get weird things or it locks up, go back and lower it back down 5mhz and that will be your max core frquency. run it at this frequency for a good while (10+ minutes) while playing a game and make sure it's alright.

next... do the exact same thing with memory. eventually you'll get your max memory frequency. it's best to do core and memory seperately. if you do them at the same time, you'll get artifacts at some point and won't know which slider is causing it.

good luck. :)

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