Geforce 200/400 mx display drivers problem



Hey guys,

It's been about four months I have win xp on my pc in dual boot with win 98.

I had to install win 98 again due to the following problem which I have tried solving on different occassions but which never worked.

Each time I download the detonator drivers for win xp from the nvidia site, I go for installation of them and I get an error at 30% of the installation saying that if I install these drivers I might encounter problems in the proper working of my computer, I choose to install them anyways because I would like opengl support mainly to be able to play Return To Caslte Wolfenstein and lately Medal Of Honour Allied Assault whitout getting the opengl not found error.

Once they are installed, at first there seems no problem at all, but after a while of running my pc (we are talking undefined time laps here, sometimes a few minutes some times a few hours) my pc just freezes up and reboots, when my system is rebooted I get the send error report dialog from windows xp displaying that my nvidia geforce 2 mx 200/400 display drivers caused a fatal error.

I have tried the latest drivers that were leaked from nvidia and I still get the same problem every time over again. I would like to be able to solve this problem due to the fact that my home network connection is set up in win xp and that each time I wish to play one of the games, I have to reboot under win98 when everybody in my house is sleeping since I am too lazy to set up the network again under win98.

I heard on irc that I am not the only one to encounter this problem and that the best thing to do is to wait for the next drivers to come out.

Right now I tried to do a step by step installation like mentionned on but the problem here is that I can't locate a .INF file for the installation since the driver setup I get is a self extracting setup file.

I sincerly hope one of you guys will be able to help me out with this issue I am experiencing.

My system specs are the following

Amd xp 1.5 ghz processor (I will be asking help about a problem experienced with my processor too in the appropriate section too because since I instaleld my winxp, when I start up my pc, my processor is referred to as being a 1ghz processor from AMD while I am 100% positive it is a 1.5ghz and when I had win98 running on it it mentionned my processor as being 1.5ghz)
256 sd ram
60 gb hd
nvidia geforce 200 mx
on board sound card

Friendly regards

I'm not sure about your video problem...but if your processor is now claiming to be 1ghz on the bios boot screen you would have to try and fix that in the bios. Windows XP does not alter the bios in anyway so it could not affect that

AMD XP 1600 + Runs at 1.40 GHz

AMD XP 1700 + Runs at 1.47 GHz

AMD XP 1800 + Runs at 1.53 GHz

AMD XP 1900 + Runs at 1.60GHz

AMD XP 2000 + Runs at 1.67 GHz

When the Bios comes up it will tell you what you have.

mmmmm.about your the 133mhz fsb option enabled in your bios? maybe it is defined as a 100 mhz fsb.
If you have an AMD Processor check if your motherboard is VIA Chipset and ensure you have latest 4 in 1 driver installed, before you update video drivers.
I have two systems one with Geforce 256 card and games like Wolfenstein, Startrek crash out to the desk top after some time.
Just installed 4 in 1 driver and so far o.k

My other system has Asus motherboard with geforce 3 card no problems.

I don't thinl they guys from Nvidia got their act together yet and provide a decent sgtable driver. Just have to wait.

hope this helps

hee check the bios
and then select 133 instead of 100 if you cant that check your MOBO ionformation and chcek if it is 133 'proof''
thank you

Hey guys, thank you very much fot the info, i set my cpu speed at 133mhz and indeed turns out my bios recognizes my cpu, about the drivers, i don't know where to download the 4 in 1 drivers, can somebody tell me where I can get them please?

You have been a great help to me each and everyone of you, thank you very much.

Re: thank you

Originally posted by Vashe
Hey guys, thank you very much fot the info, i set my cpu speed at 133mhz and indeed turns out my bios recognizes my cpu, about the drivers, i don't know where to download the 4 in 1 drivers, can somebody tell me where I can get them please?

You have been a great help to me each and everyone of you, thank you very much.


Its on the Homepage of this website thre is a link to it

I have the very same problem with nvidia drivers. I got to the lowest level of dealing with that thing when I started changing my display driver aprox every hour depending on the thing (or a game) I wanna do. You'll probably agree that this is not the best thing to do.
I would be gratefull if you send me email with your solution. I have about the same configuration. thanks!!!
If This Is Of Any Help???

I used to have a similar problem, or is it that I still have it.

My old motherboard got messed up, so I brought a new one, but with my new one, my PC would restart occasionally, only happened a few times, the first time was on the first day, and then after a week, and then a couple of times in the next week. Since then its been alright, for about 2/3 weeks.

It may of been the drivers, which were the older ones, and especially the leaked ones. Try the nVidia driver form the Windows Update Site. Its got a Digital Signature, and should be mroe stable, or else you may have to buy a new graphics card.

I read this in a PC Mag about a person who had a similar problem to yours, that was with a Dell PC, it turned out that the graphics card was too agressive for the motherboard, and the problem was fixxed with a new grphics card.

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