GeForce 2 Tweakage!!!


I'm all ears
11 Dec 2001
Yesterday I got my cooling kits for my GF2, this was BlueOrb (heatsink w/fan) Cooler for my GPU Chip and another RAM Cooling kit (heatsinks) which I used for SD-RAM on the GPU Board.

I came accross one problem with the RAM Heatsinks, one of them fitted perfectly, the other one I had to modify abit, there was a little chip between 2 of the RAM ships (no I didnt scrap it off with my knife) so I had some choices, I could of left it off, Cut it into half size pieces or drill a little whole for it.
I chose the lat'r option (this way less performace might be lost unlike cutting it in half which I assume would affect it cooling power more), Went down stairs, got my dads drill (please no sick comments) and drilled a whole about 5mm accross half way down the heatsink (just off centre). I drilled right thought moving 2 sticks on the heatsink (did this so air could get to the little chip).

Next Download a Nvidia Tweaker linked from

I added 10mhz on core and memory speed (all works) and used the quick option 'quick' to make it auto config my setting for faster speed, there is also and option for quality.

After the reboot i did some DirectX check and bloody hell was I impressed, That spinning cube has never been that fast before...

More tweaking and reports to come....:rolleyes:


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2 Dec 2001

Have you tried to use Power Strip from Entech? I used the Nvidia Tweaker at first, but realised that the machine hanged from time to time (due to the overclocking of course). But then I got my hands on PowerStrip, and now my Gf2 card is running smoothly (without additional cooling) at 240/200! That is about 1000 points extra in 3Dmark 2001...


I'm all ears
11 Dec 2001
Nah not yet, I just spotted that on your website.

What are it functions?:confused:

Bram van Eijk

I Use NVMAX ..... a nice tool that starts when windows starts and automatically tweaks your card to his max

Sorry for my bad english ... :(

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