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GeForce 2 MX <> Coolbits (overclocking)



I just downloaded the coolbits registry entry, and was about to overclock my Asus V7100 GeForce 2 MX but i was unsure of what clock frequencies the graphics card can handle.

i made sure i did the test before i changed anything, but i don't entirely trust this. i don't want my card to bugger up.

does anyone know what clock frequencies (Core clock & Memory clock) a card like mine can handle?

The default is Core clock - 175mhz
Memory clock - 166mhz.

Will it stuff my card if i totally notch up the frequency?
does it make a difference?
What have u guys overclocked it too?




The main thing that will kill your card is Heat, the card itself can handle the higher settings, but you need tohave good ventilation in your Case.

You wil notice it getting to hot when your display starts messing up :)

What i do is use 3DMark and get my score before O/clocking - Download :
Download 3D mark 2001 SE

Then just slide the frequencies up slightly and try to find the frequency in which you get the most increase in frames per second.

Then Run 3Dmark again.

The best result is when you give the GPU the right amount of memory bandwith.

You will probably get the best result from -

The default is Core clock - 200mhz

Memory clock - 196mhz

Note : All at own risk :)

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