Geforce 2 GTS pro



I'm having some serious problems with my pov geforce 2 gts!
I have color spots all over my desktop! more than usual my computer freezes up from just usual "desktop work" such ar word and ie6 etc.

3D games is out of the question!

I just got a new geforce from the store i bought it from since I/them thought it was the card that was screwed up. But the same thing happened when I installed the new card!

very annoying!

I was just wondering if anyone had experienced anything like this?
Which MB u using? Maybe it is not compatible with your MB, I had the same problem with GeForce 2 and 440ZX MB.
It is pretty wierd... It worked without problems when I was running win98

It as an ABIT kt7-a MB, which really shouldent cause any trouble
I am having the same problem. I have an abit kt7 raid motherboard and an asus geforce 2 gts video card. I have gotten it stable by changing settings using nvmax, but it still has a lot of flashing and leaves visual artifacts all over the place.
Other specs:
1ghz amd t-bird
256 mb ram
sb live platinum
ibm gxp75 45 gig harddrive.
Any help would be appreciated.
It must have something to do with the xp-drivers!
I just bought a gf3 ti200 and it works perfect!

my gf2 worked great with win 98!

So the only reason I see is that the xp-drivers aren't compatible with the gf2 gts pro and abit kt7a...

what else can it be?

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