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Geffy??!! (or anyone else)


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In another thread, I asked about adding a sig to my post. I got a couple of responses, but they hurt my head. (That thread is an inappropriate place to continue my queries.)

Anyway, Geffy asked "do you not have any hosting space provided by your ISP?"

I looked into it, and set up Webspace, as my ISP calls it, which is available for web site creation. Now what? Do I have to create a page with a graphic image on it that get's linked, via my profile, to my posts? :confused:

Please go easy,

Thanks, Cd


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I think I'm getting ahead of myself. First I have to learn to put up an image on a web page, right?

Originally posted by SPeedY_B

...Then go into your control panel, select profile and add to the signature box
To what control panel do you refer?



I may actually be insane.
You don't need to put the image onto a webpage, just onto a host.

Your ISP should give you the details on how to do this, it will either need to be uploaded via FTP or a web interface, consult your ISPs help documents.


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xsivforce: Yeah, I know about that, but don't know how to insert a graphic signature, just a text sig.

SPeedY_B: OK, I'll look into the "host" deal. They talk about FTP on their help pages. Do you know of a good free program?


I may actually be insane.
In the words of vB help
Adding Images

To include a picture or graphic within the body of your message, you can simply surround the address of the image as shown here:

Note that the http:// part of the image URL is required for the code.[/quote]
And to put an image just use tags, as i said in the first post an example would be
But I still have to put the image up at <myisp.com/myname>, don't I?

Are you just giving me an option other than the IMG button?

That Canadave


I may actually be insane.
create an image with the content you desire, using the app of your choise.
Save the picture onto your hard disk, for the sake of simplicity we shall save it to

Get an ftp client (I recommend FileZilla)

Login to your FTP account, the details of which can be obtained from your ISP.
Once logged in upload C:\picture.jpg
This will now be available by a URL, again this information will be available from your ISP
for the sake of an example we'll say that it is http://isp.com/canadave/, this means that the picture will be http://isp.com/canadave/picture.jpg

Go to your NTFS user control panel (there is a link at the top of the page)

Then click the profile link

Then in the signature box put

OK, I talked to my ISP and they can't help me...they refer me to their help site on the web. It seems that most of the info relates to putting up a web site, not just hosting and hotlinking. These are their topics.

-Activating WebSpace
-Learn to create your own Web Site using the WebSpace 101 Tutorial
-Transferring Web Pages
-Webspace Tools
-Learn how to make your web pages more efficient!

I've activated my webspace, but I don't know how to upload an image for hotlinking. Would it be easier to use one of the other hosts that people recommended?

This really isn't ALL that important...it was just to enable me to have a "cool" sig. (Although I guess a little knowledge is not necessarily a dangerous thing.)

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