The past night I was out working, yes..nightshift:p ..and when I was on my way home..there was frost, ice and +/- 0°C. That made me really depressed...:(

We have had a fantastic summer here in Sweden, but now it seems to be over..well, all good things can't last forever..

But now I have a good excuse to sit indoor with my "Machine" and finally give it some attention it lacked all summer:D

So folks, how has your summer been?, or have you been looking forward to the winter?

Nick M

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I'm looking foward to the winter. I don't like summer that much, especially New York City summer. Winter is more of my season, I go out every single day, regardless of the weather. Also I like waking up and feeling the cold air around me. The building I live in is about 100+ years, and has heating problems, the boiler often does not work correctly in the winter, and since I live on the 6th floor, it get's cold here because the house is very near the ocean, or whatever it, about 25 blocks away from the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, if anyone knows where that is. Either way, I'm very very much looking foward to the winter, cold weather, and one thing we don't get much in NYC; SNOW!


I too am from New York and am eagerly awaiting winter. My favorite season without a doubt is winter. Its the time when you don't die from heat exhaustion when you go to bed, its sufficent to open (a) window and the room can get cold without a doubt. Its a time when you can get close with a loved one just for the excuse of snuggling. Its a time when you get to where more layers ( u can also take off all those layers off your women ). Snow, need I say more, Im a snowboarder and after least years annoyingly crappy season I want to hit the slopes hard this year. Winter is just a sick season.

Nick M

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No, but gives me a somewhat of a reason to download it :)

BTW, I skateboard, and want to go out and try snowboarding up state this year, maybe I'll be good at it ;)


I have not had the chance to see NY in fall...but would love to do so..seen pictures, movies taken place in NY during fall, looks really nice!! Fall can show some really nice colours!
The only thing I do not look forward to in winter is the short days.

Up here in Scandinavia we get very very short days during winter..where I live the sun comes up at 11 am and sets at 2:30 pm in the end of December..But the snow brighten it up abit..It is the opposite in summer..then the sun never set...midnight sun rocks!!..

We had a hot (acc. to our standard) summer and it came suddenly, just over a night we had freezing and ice, soon time to put in the heater in the car so it is human to go home from work at 6 am.


I'm looking forward to winter! Winter here in Chicago looks very nice! :) I hate summer, the sweating, the exhaustion. I prefer the bitter coldness! :D But, Winter really looks magnificent here. Especially downtown, all the snow-covered building. Looks like a winter wonderland! :p

Nick M

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I didn't know days were so short during the winter in Scandinavia! That was a bit of a shocker to me.

NY has different sides to it during all the seasons...

Right now I am actually working on a photography project for myself, which is taking a while now, going on over 5 months now; making an album w/pictures of the area where I live, and places near there. It's a really big thing, because where I am located, it is a fairly safe residential neightboor hood, although if you go a number of streets down, you begin to see how suddenly everything becomes a harsh and unwelcoming industrial region. The colors of everything simply changed. And in the autumn and winter time, it looks very strange....I just got an idea, I don't know if this is a good one or not, but, if anyone want to see the completed version, it may take a while, to finish it and post it on a website....for a few reasons.
1. There are currently more then 200 pictures, all high resoultion.
2. I have to figure out where to find a something that would allow me to post all this stuff, without significant image loss, and not pay for it, i have no income whatsoever.

but still, if anyone is interested, you can give me your email adress, and I'll email you when it is finished :)


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Well, we have some really bad weather in Calgary.. summer officially ended two days ago. And on the same night we had snow+rain. I can say that we'll have some permanent snow from late October for like 6 months... lol

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Originally posted by Nick M
Go to Russia benny. There, you can experience real winter :) I'm from there, so I would know.

Actually I'm origenly from russia, lived there til i was 5.

but I like israel better ( got used to it, me stupid, me stipid )

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