Geckling Diaries: The Tech Files

This is just a quick updated for those who have PM'd/emailed me lately. The domain has finally moved to a dedicated IP server, so the The Tech Files link should now be accessible w/o too much trouble ;)
Please note: I have decided to return the Tech Files to its core intent of Patches/Utilities/Software and Drivers. There are many sites that list the plethora of demos hitting the market, and it just seems that is duplication. Thanks for you understanding!
I have again pruned The Tech Files and I have opted to include a new section - Geckling Links - for those items that are of interest, but do not quite fit into the which patch/software version is most recent. The new section has been included in the updated Table of Contents above. As usual, I hope that the Tech Files continue to be of use.
This is actually a pretty nice resource for patches, saves some time in looking for the game's official website. Think I missed a few updates for a few older games :)

The fact that it's sorted by genre makes it kinda handy as well.
Dear onimkron - I am very happy to hear this is of use to you! If there is anything you feel should be added, just post and I'll work it in.
I have pruned/cleaned up The Tech Files. As well, I have updated the above Table of Contents. Please feel free to continue to suggest a/o point out misplaced/wrong/dead links. Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support and interest.
Thanks to everyone for their patience! The Tech Files are back up and the Table of Contents have been updates to reflect the new server and links! Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support and interest.
I would like to thank everyone who has PM'd/emailed me about the status of The Tech Files. I am happy to say that the resource now has a new home. The Table of Contents has been updated. Thanks for your patience and your ongoing support/interest!
Hey! Looking good too - I'll be over and post soon!

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Hey! Looking good too - I'll be over and post soon!


Hey Mainframeguy, feel free to post (here or elsewhere) any suggestions of items you have found of use and I'll add them.
I'll post over there - if I remember ;) and if I ever game and have anything to ask (I actually have a few games, but seldom play them - weird, but true!).
That was quite the welcome over there, I kinda enjoyed the controversy, most unusual on a hello post! I recommend other hard core gamers to you if they enjoy a little bit of no nonsense gaming hard core talk :eek: :ninja: :smoker:
Thanks for your affirmation and understanding Mainframeguy!

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