Geckling Diaries: The Tech Files

FYI: I have revamped the thread. The single post was pushing the word count envelope, so I made a major structure overhaul.
Update: The Software/Utilities sections are now accompanied by a description of the various resources in order to improve accessibility. I hope this proves useful :)
Update: I have merged the previous thread of articles with The Tech Files. They can now be found under the Words section. Again I hope this is of assistance.
Just a quick update. For those of you have noticed that The Tech Files have been down for the last few days, they are now back up ;) Also, I have decided to remove the Words section for ease of upkeep and maintenance.
Please do not take anything I am saying amiss... I am a mere forum participant here...

First of all welcome to OSNN...

Second you could give us some idea of what we will find when we go to your links - might get more hits that way, it confused me because it is not your site directly. I am sure the links are pretty useful, but IMHO they cover many arenas - maybe primarily gaming oriented? This I say so others have an idea...

Lastly - since you are welcome here why not think about posting on another thread sometime?

Just a thought....
Not a bad idea and if I had more time in my day I probably would post more here ;) But I do surf to OSNN everyday as part of myr routine and this is one way I thought I could give back ...
i will say that your're doing a fine job, but it might be easier to post those here if they'll let ya.
Yeah I thought of that too ... but again that would mean I would have to maintain the list in two spots ... something that I really do not have time for ... so this seems simplest. Update after anything major and hope people continue to use it ;)
I have updated the original post of this thread in order to present the latest version of the Table of Content for the list.
Is it not against the rules to advertise for a diff forum? Can't remember if I read that here, or another forum
Well I would hope that this is not seen as advertising for another forum. The list is a centralised collection of software/patches/utilities/drivers to mention only a few that I have maintained and do so on a regular basis for the benefit of others. If it is seen as advertising, I guess I would have to respect that decision, but my intent is to share, not solicit.
hmmm... doesn't this siter kinda do that? or related partners? not sure.... I got 3 diff forums to keep track of in my head, 1 dead
From the link I thought it was a S&M site, was looking forward to a right good spanking, but, found something more interesting, links to yet more software, thanks :)
@ Vetrius: Yes this site does do that for other things. I have a relationship, however, with that site and the people there that goes back sometime, as it is with that community that the list developed as I modded for several gaming companies. I did not arrive here - before OSSN was OSSN - until after that, so I have a sense of duty in that regard. But since OSSN here has done so much for me in regard to my professional stuff, I thought this was one way to share my own resource with the members here.

@ Lee ... hehe well you gots ta get them to stay long enough to realise there are actually resources there to use ;) And thanks too :D
Update: The host for the Tech Files has migrated to vBulletin, hence the update of the Table of Contents above ;)
Update: The Table of Contents has been refreshed to reflect the further division of the Strategy sections. do u only post when there r updates for whatever this thread is about?
As I have mentioned in this thread, this is a resource thread that I have maintained through various manifestations over the last 4-5 years. Since I make use of OSNN as part of my daily work, this is one way that I try to give back to the site.

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