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GBA Advance + Game + Accessories

My friend has a GBA for sale, and a few things to go along with it. You can trust him with the purchase, he is a good mate. :)

Message from him:

http://auctionzone.co.uk/lot.cfm?lotID=200765 - My auction seems unlikely to get any bids (can't use Ebay as they won't accept my debit card as authorisation). So, if this auction ends without a buyer (likely), I'll sell my GBA to anybody here for £25.

You can pay me via Paypal and I'll ship it off to you as soon as I get the cash. I'll only ship to the U.K.

Sorry to spam, but I figured one of you Brits might want a cheap GBA.

If you're interested, post here/PM me, and I'll give you his email details, etc.

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