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Does anyone know where I can download this? Searched Google but couldn't find any. Any kind of help is appreciated. :)


- geek -
I don't think Gauntlet: Legend was the 1st one. Also not sure there was a PC version .. was on many consoles though (ie. ps, dreamcast and N64).

-edit- ps you've never played Gauntlet unless you've played it on the arcade :cool:


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What one are you looking for? The original arcade game from the 80s? If that's the one get mame as your emulator and you may have to search around for the rom. It was tons better than the nes version. I just googled it by the way and the first web site that came up had it.


- geek -
I agree later version were far better then early versions of the game and arcade is better then console versions. So have a look for MAME and an arcade ROM if thats legal. :)
Downloading ROMs is legal in the U.S., provided the manufacturer is not capable of providing the game new on its original medium.

With that said:
And Yahoo Groups is probably the best place to find the ROM.
Unwonted said:
Downloading ROMs is legal in the U.S., provided the manufacturer is not capable of providing the game new on its original medium.
Well depending on the version you can go to the arcade and play Gauntlet all day :)


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Well I dowloaded Nintendo Emulator and then found the game from a site. :)
I think that's it. I might look for the some more versions.


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Xie said:
No offense but NES version is probably not the way you want to be introduced to the game. :p
LoL :p
Oh well, I'm not really going to play it. I was looking for it because my science teacher wanted it. :D


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Xie said:
Ah thats cool :) Not sure what that game has to do with science though but it makes me wanna play it lol.
Well he said that he used to play Gauntlet when he was a kid too. So he told me to download it for him.
funky dredd said:
So true! I spent many of hours and many of dollars playing this in the arcade as a kid!
I was late to some college classes as my campus had a machine in the ... lounge I guess you would call it. :)

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